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Online Pet Records. Email Reminders. Text Reminders. Request Appointments & Refills. Pet Health Announcements.

Healing Springs Animal Hospital partners with VetScene to provide Client Login services. Go to VetScene.com to activate or log in. We encourage all clients to check this out.

Create an Account Instantly & Easily:

  • You will be prompted for the clinic number, which is: 5394.
  • You will be prompted for your Healing Springs client number. You can find this on any printed invoice we have given you. We will also try to include this in future email communications. If you don't have it available, call us during office hours to get it (276-236-5103).
  • After providing this information, you will have immediate access.

Once You Have an Account:

  • To minimize security concerns, no payment information is in our online system.
  • You can login using your email address and password of your choosing.
  • Activate text message reminders (optional).
  • Access your medication history for each pet.
  • See when your vaccination updates and other scheduled services are needed.
  • Upload photos of your pets that will be included in future reminders.
  • See information we have on file for you and your pets. Email for corrections as needed.
  • Request appointments online.
  • Request refills online.
  • Access veterinary information encyclopedia.
  • Access veterinary information t.v.

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Phone: (276) 236-5103
Toll-Free: (877) HSAH-VET
  (877) 472-4838

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After Hours: On-Call 24/7

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