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Animal Health Bulletin Library

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February 11, 2011

  • Overcoming Scare Tactics: Addressing concerns about flea and tick product safety.
  • Turtles Spread Salmonella


December 5, 2011

  • Free Investigational Treatment for Canine Distemper
  • Concerns over the Newcastle Disease Vaccine Use in Dogs with Suspected Distemper
  • Photo Album: Orphaned Cats and Dogs Waiting for Homes

#November 22, 2011

Foods healthy for humans but toxic to pets - updated list. Also, get Healing Springs gift certificates for the pet owners on your gift list this year.


October 14, 2011

Winter approaches. Nine top considerations for dog and cat safety in the cold months.






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September 2011

The Gazette Newspaper (reporter April Wright) prints a great article about Therapy Dog Work (Delta Society). If you are interested in having therapy dogs present at an event, help with your reading program, or in becoming a therapy dog handler, this article is a great read.

September 6, 2011

Canine distemper is deadly to dogs of all ages, and it's on the rise in our area. We've had several confirmed cases. Here's what you need to know and do about it.

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August 2011

Healing Springs now recommends Vectra 3D over Frontline and K9 Advantix.

March 2011

Heartworm disease is fatal if left untreated.  Even that one mosquito that flies into the house on a warm night is enough to spread the disease.

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September 2007

  • Why Become a Certified Canine Good Citizen


July 2007

  • The First Proven Medicine for Canine Obesity – Slentrol™
  • Toxic to Pets: Avocados, Onions, Garlic, Grapes, Raisins
  • New Pet Food Recall: Botulism & Natural Balance

June 2007

  • Dogs Help People Lose Weight & Keep It Off!
  • Heat Exhaustion in Small Ruminants and Camelid – Time to Shear
  • FDA Renews Warnings about Turtles and Salmonella

May 2007

  • Finding a Lost Pet – The Best System Ever Introduced
  • Equine Dental & Oral Health (full-size and mini-horses)
  • Pet Food Recall Update
  • Iron Mountain Trail Riders – New Website

April 2007

  • Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1)
  • Pet Food Recall – Dry Foods Now Suspect

March 2007

  • The Many Benefits of Spaying and Neutering
  • The Equine Wellness Program at Healing Springs
  • Essentials of Cow Calving
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January 2007

  • Conjunctivitis in Cats (reader requested)
  • Preparing for the Foal’s Arrival

November 2006

  • A Pet Friendly Way to Approach the Internet
  • Upcoming Events
  • Improving Joint Function in Dogs
  • Holiday Hazards for Furry Friends
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October 2006

  • Swiffer WetJet Deemed Safe around Pets
  • Fescue Facts (Horses, Cows, Goats)

September 2006

  • Easily Preventable Cancer in Dogs & Cats
  • Vaccinations for Pregnant Mares
  • Founder & Laminitis in Horses (reader requested)
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August 2006

  • Dogs Poisoned by Sugar Substitute, Xylitol
  • What’s the Life Expectancy of My Pet?
  • Parasite Control for Sheep and Goats

July 2006

  • Dogs’ Flea Control Can Kill Cats
  • Two Positive Coggins in Pulaski County
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June 2006

  • Canine Parvovirus – Deadly to Puppies and Easily Preventable
  • Foal Vaccinations


May 2006

  • The Cat Diseases Often Equated with Human AIDS
  • What’s the Best Flea & Tick Product?
  • Announcing Pet Portals
  • Announcing Healing Springs WebStore
  • New Trail Riding Club
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April 2006

  • Glaucoma is an Emergency in Dogs, Cats, & Horses
  • Does Breed Banning Work?

March 2006

  • Poison for Rats Getting to Dogs and Cats
  • Square Bales Better than Round Bales for Horses - but Cows Don’t Care
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February 2006

  • Research Shows Dogs Improve Self Esteem and Empathy in Children
  • The Importance of Senior Wellness Screenings
  • Greenies Company Responds to Healing Springs
  • Sheep Health Meeting at Galax Farm Supply

January 2006

  • The Grievance with Greenies®
  • Recognizing Intestinal Blockage - Don’t Feed Bones
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December 2005

  • If Dogs Could Fly - Potentially Deadly Problems with Pets and Airlines
  • The Bald Truth - Hair Loss in Cats and Dogs (Reader Requested)
  • Care for Horses in Cold Weather

November 2005

  • Thinking of Cats and Dogs During Cold Weather
  • Canine Influenza (Reader Requested)
  • The Dangers of Off-Label Feeding (Goats, Horses, Sheep, Cows) (Reader Requested)
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October 2005

  • Tips for Halloween & House Pets
  • Galax Euthanizes 2,653  Dogs & Cats in 2004
  • New Vaccine Creates Hope of Eliminating BVD for Good

September 2005

  • Hurricane Katrina and Her Toll on Animals
  • At the Animal Shelter—Adoption Equals Rescue
  • Microchips Bring Home Pets
Amber Melton Veterinarian Jamie Cassell Veterinarian

August 2005

  • Rabies—Protecting Pets, Livestock, and Yourself
  • Senior Wellness Screening

July 2005

  • Dental Hygiene – More Important than Many People Know
  • Hot Spots – The Skin Infection Often Confused with Gunshot Wounds
Galax Veterinary Clinic