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Newsletters -> Vectra 3D

Distributed to our Pet Portals registered customers on August 15, 2011

Better Parasite Control

For dogs, we have begun to recommend Vectra 3D over Frontline and K9 Advantix. Across the country and with our clients here in Virginia and North Carolina, people have expressed concern that fleas and ticks are building a resistance to Frontline. While we wouldn't 100% rule out the possibility, a resistance is unlikely. Populations form resistance to pesticides when a handful of survivors, breed, pass on their genetic resistance traits, and flourish because all the other parasites of the same type have been killed. Frontline has long been working to avoid this by putting Methoprene into Frontline Plus. Methoprene stops flea larvae from developing, so even fleas that do survive cannot pass on their traits to viable offspring. Regardless of the resistance debate, Frontline takes 24-48 hours to kill fleas and ticks. Dog biting parasites can pass on a number of serious diseases much faster than that.

We have been watching another product for more than a year, and we recently switched over to this product for parasite control in dogs. The name of the product is Vectra 3D. In addition to having a unique formula that we deem to be superior to anything else currently available, we are pleased by the fact that Vectra 3D is not only made in America - it's made in North Carolina. Here's why we recommend that dog owners switch to Vectra 3D.

Vectra 3D now available at Healing Springs

  • It kills and repels six different types of common parasites that can spread serious diseases to dogs: fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies, mites, and lice.
  • Compared to K9 Advantix, we like that Vectra 3D controls fleas in all four stages of a flea life cycle (adult, eggs, larvae, and pupae). Controlling fleas in the non-adult stages will not only make Vectra 3D more effective in the short run, it will help avoid the development of a populations of fleas resistant to insecticides. In addition, K9 Advantix does not repel lice, and it does not kill or repel mites.
  • Compared to Frontline Plus, we like how Vectra 3D has repellents to six different parasites. Frontline Plus repels nothing and takes 24-48 hours to kill fleas and ticks. This gives parasites more of an opportunity to infect your dog. The slow action and lack of repellent may be why so many people think Frontline resistant populations are developing. Like K9 Advantix, Frontline plus does not kill mites or sand flies.

Vectra 3D works like Frontline in that you apply an oil to the dog's back, but read the instructions carefully. With Vectra 3D, you want to apply the product to multiple locations on the dog's back. Vectra 3D costs the same as or a little less than Frontline. The next time you need to buy flea and tick control for your dog, stop by Healing Springs and pick up Vectra 3D.

Do not put Vectra 3D for dogs on cats. It is perfectly safe for dogs using Vectra 3D to be around cats. However, one of the active ingredients in Vectra 3D for dogs is Permethrin. Even a small amount of Permethrin is toxic to cats in two to 48 hours. We have other products safe and effective for parasite control on cats.


Best Regards,
Heather Jenkins, DVM, CVA


Galax Veterinary Clinic