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In 1979, Healing Springs Animal Hospital was named after an old Native American understanding that this area contains a natural spring with healing properties.

Healing Springs offers modern medicine with friendly old-fashioned service. We practice normal full range of services you would expect for dogs and cats. We are also the most experienced camelid medicine veterinarians in the region. In addition, Healing Springs Animal Hospital provides horse breeding services on your farm or at our stables.

When we say modern medicine, we mean it. Healing Springs Animal Hospital practices the utmost in surgical safety and comfort including endoscopy, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, master's level orthopedic surgery, mechanical ventilation, heated surgery table covers, monitored anesthesia recovery, and more. Healing Springs has extensive, on-site diagnostic capabilities. These include digital x-ray, complete abdominal ultrasound, echocardiograms, endoscopy, blood chemistry, urinalysis, eye tonometer, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and more. We have an oxygen cage. We are an Affiliate Referring Practice to Virginia Tech. We provide veterinary services not often found outside of referral centers such as master's level orthopedic surgery, canine rehabilitation, and certified acupuncture. The list goes on and on.

At the same-time, we work hard to remain price-friendly for the residents of southwest Virginia and northwest North Carolina. As long as it is in your pet's best interest, we will offer more than one plan of diagnostics and treatments when your pet has an illness. This gives our clients cost-to-benefit options.

As an animal hospital, we are able to keep your animals overnight and for treatment and observation. Hospitalized animals will receive treatments on schedule, even after hours, will be monitored periodically throughout normal hours, and will receive at least one veterinary check overnight.

Healing Springs is not only well-respected in the communities of southwest Virginia and northwest North Carolina; Healing Springs is also well-respected in veterinary academic circles. Veterinary colleges frequently send senior doctorate students to Healing Springs to learn about veterinary practice. We have received externs from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and even France.
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