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Download our free phone app and never have to log in again to access and update your pet records.

Pet Desk

Healing Springs Animal Hospital uses the PetDesk smart phone app so you can access your pet records on-demand, make appointments online, update pet info, see reminders, and more. Download yours now and follow the instructions to connect to your pet records.

Use Our Pet Desk App to:

  • Review and update your pet info.
  • Make and manage appointments 24/7.
  • Manage your reminder preferences. Get reminders as:
    • Phone notifications,
    • Texts, and/or
    • Emails
  • See your reminders in one place.
  • Set custom reminders.
  • Integrate your Pet Desk scheduled items with your phone's calendar for automatic calendar updates.
  • Take and store notes about each pet's health, especially what you learn during your vet appointments.
  • and more


  • Our Pet Desk app is completely free.
  • Install and connect the app on as many phones as you want. Multiple authorized users can access the same account from their phones.
  • After downloading the app to your phone, if you are having trouble connecting to your pet records, try this. If you can't find Healing Springs at the top of the list of providers, enter referral code "1770." Please call us at (276) 236-5103. Make sure we have the right cell phone and email address on file for you. Regarding set-up, that's all the technical assistance our vet staff will be able to provide. Additional installation and connection support may be available through the app developer: Pet Desk.

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