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Eye Tonometry
Equipped to Detect Glaucoma in Dogs and Cats

Strange Pet Behavior? Consider Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a highly painful condition for pets caused by increased pressure / increased fluid in an eye. It's hard for pet owners and for most veterinarians to detect, so the first signs are often changes in behavior such as irritability, peeing indoors, loss of appetite, lethargy. Healing Springs has the ability to definitively diagnose glaucoma using a device called a tonometer. 

This device can measure the amount of pressure in the eye. More about this device in the video on this page.

As the glaucoma gets worse, you may see a yellow-green discharge from the eye, reddened eye, enlarged blood vessels in the whites of the eyes, apparent impaired coordination which is actually impaired vision in one eye, clouded cornea or bluish tint to one eye, or dilated pupils that don't shrink with light. In its late stages, you can actually see the eye swelling and bulging, but you really want to diagnose glaucoma before this sign. 

Glaucoma eventually leads to blindness in the affected eye if not caught soon enough, but the worst consequence is the constant pain. If you suspect your pet may have glaucoma, bring your pet to Healing Springs Animal Hospital. We have extensive on-site diagnostic capabilities for this and many other important concerns.

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