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Animal Assisted Crisis Response
Providing comfort dog support to individuals affected by crises and disasters

Naval Yard Shooting 2013In the wake of the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting, our Dr. Jenkins and Stephanie Burnette were invited to bring therapy dogs to the September 25th prayer service. Dr. Jenkins reports that the visit proved helpful, rewarding, and well-received. We were flattered that Naval District Washington changed their Facebook cover photo to a group shot of our HOPE AACR dogs.
Healing Springs Animal Hospital is an active participant in and supporter of HOPE AACR in support, training, and responding to call outs. Since 2001, HOPE AACR teams have responded to the aftermath of crises and disasters, from individual traumas to large scale emergencies. Response teams have comforted people after school shootings, hurricanes, fires, transportation accidents, the loss of first responders, and more. Teams have worked with local and national response agencies, such as VOADs, FEMA, NOVA, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, as well as fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and schools.

Call Outs
Request Crisis Teams Toll-Free
877-HOPE-K9s / (877-467-3597)
HOPE AACR Teams Respond Without Charge

If you have a dog who is already a member of an animal-assisted activity group, please consider training to be an animal-assisted crisis response team as well. Volunteers who do not currently have a dog suited for AACR work can volunteer as team leaders, who facilitate response activities.

Donations directly to HOPE help to defray the costs associated with training and certifying crisis teams, develop training programs and materials, pay the costs of insuring and supporting our teams, and otherwise support volunteer activity.

To contact Healing Springs directly about comfort dog work / animal-assisted crisis response:





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