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Large Animal Veterinarian Service

Our clinic (Healing Springs Animal Hospital) provides these large animal veterinarian services:

Llamas & Alpacas

Healing Springs provides a full range of large animal veterinarian services for llamas & alpacas. This includes wellness, reproduction, injury care, sick care, and 24/7 emergency care. We can visit your farm by appointment in our fully equipped mobile veterinarian SUV, you can visit our clinic, and/or we can board your llamas and alpacas while receiving treatment.

While all Healing Springs large animal veterinarians are happy to provide excellent care to your llamas and alpacas, camelid medicine is a particular passion of Dr. Heather Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins has owned llamas, has served as the primary veterinarian for multiple llama and alpaca farms, and has completed significant post graduate work in camelid medicine. Recently, Dr. Jenkins volunteered at an alpaca research station high in the mountains of Peru. The research station is gathering information to develop protocols for the care of pregnant and newborn alpacas. In Peru, Dr. Jenkins had the opportunity to do more camelid reproductive work than most American large animal veteterinarians do in a lifetime.

To talk to Dr. Jenkins or schedule a visit, call (276) 236-5103.

Horse Breeding

Our clinic (Healing Springs Animal Hospital) also performs horse breeding services. This can include artificial insemination (chilled or frozen), palpation, breeding soundness exams, and delivery. We can visit your farm in our mobile veterinarian SUV, or you can board your horse in our affiliated stables.

To discuss our horse breeding services or schedule a visit, call (276) 236-5103.


Large animal boarding services in Galax VA are available at Brazzell Stables, owned and operated by Dr. Jenkins. Brazzell Stables takes medical and non-medical boards for horses, llamas, alpacas, and other large animals. Medical boards are limited to horse breeding, any type of llama veterinary care, or any type of alpaca veterinary care. No other types of medical boards can be handled at Brazzell Stables or by Healing Springs Animal Hospital. Medical boards are managed by Healing Springs Animal Hospital staff. Call Healing Springs Animal Hospital at (276) 236-5103.

Service Area

Healing Springs large animal services of llama medicine, alpaca medicine, and horse breeding are available in the Virginia and North Carolina service area shown here.

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