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Mobile Veterinarian Service from Galax Virginia

For your convenience, and out of greater interest for the welfare of your cats and dogs, Healing Springs will come to you. We are equipped to deliver routine care for your pets in the comfort of your own home. This service can be especially helpful for adults who are taking care of people at home and don't want to leave them, senior citizens who don't want to drive, busy people who prefer the convenience of a home visit, etc.

This service is only available for established clients, as we would like your initial visit and exam to be performed at the hospital, where we are fully equipped.

Appointments required. Trip fees apply on top of normal service fees. So if you can get to the Healing Springs clinic, your costs will be lower.


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Phone: (276) 236-5103
Toll-Free: (877) HSAH-VET
  (877) 472-4838

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