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Pet Boarding

In our kennels, Healing Springs offers inexpensive boarding for your cats and dogs. Dogs have exercise time outdoors, on our spacious grounds (see photo), four times per day. Based on their personalities, some dogs have free run of our fenced-in yard, and some dogs are leash walked. At Healing Springs, you have the added peace of mind of knowing that your pets are well looked after. Both our veterinarians and our highly experienced team of veterinary assistants see your pets multiple times per day.

Non-Medical Pet Boarding, but with highly qualified supervision.

All dog boarding includes:

  • Time on grass four times per day.
  • A complimentary bath on day of checkout
  • High quality food (no surcharges for not bringing your own food). In fact, we only recommend people bring their own food when there is a known dietary issue. We provide a high-quality, gastrointestinal diet for them, to minimize the risk of upset stomachs that can occur when pets switch food or experience stress.

Under normal circumstances, we do not require any extra baths at the owner's expense. There are no extra bath charges, surcharges, or any other hidden charges. We do require the normal vaccinations. We would require an inexpensive flea/tick treatment if pets arrive with an active infection of fleas, ticks, etc., but this is rare.

When thinking about picking up and dropping off your pet, keep in mind that Healing Springs has the most convenient hours around.

Can Kenneling Cause a Breakdown in House Training?
We, along with some ASPCA pet behaviorists, have long believed that it is unfair and potentially counterproductive to kennel housetrained dogs in situations where they are not given time on real grass. You’ve worked hard to train your dog to use the grass, not your cement, not your gravel drive, not your patio, etc. Some kennel designs let dogs outside, but keep them on cement or gravel at all times. Some kennels don’t even let the dogs outside. Firstly, this causes a well-housebroken dog to hold it in until they are miserable and can’t stand it anymore. Secondly, staying in this situation for a while has the potential to retrain the dog that your cement or your gravel are okay places to go. That’s why at Healing Springs, your standard kennel costs for dogs includes time in our fenced in back yard four times per day. The photo on this page shows a portion of the yard at Healing Springs.

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