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Heather Jenkins, DVM, CVA

Veterinarian Heather Jenkins Brazzell, DVM, CVA at Healing Springs Animal Hospital in Galax, VA - Southwest Virginia

Education & Honors

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Dr. Jenkins obtained her certification in veterinary acupuncture from the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida. This involved exams, a peer reviewed written case report, and a year of completing courses in small animal acupuncture, equine acupuncture, mixed practice veterinary acupuncture, and European veterinary acupuncture. Dr. Jenkins now offers veterinary acupuncture to clients to compliment the modern western medicine techniques that we use primarily. She has found veterinary acupuncture particularly useful in cases that have a neurological component.

Comfort Dog and Crisis Response Dog Work

Comfort dog teams visit a variety of settings to provide comfort and security to others. This includes events for people with developmental delays, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and more. Dr. Jenkins volunteered with her dogs for this work for years. Currently, she serves as a board member and team leader for Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response and as an evaluator for Pet Partners.

Dog Training

Dr. Jenkins has competed and placed in both UKC and AKC obedience and rally competitions. With the help of friend Stephanie Burnette, Dr. Jenkins teaches dog training at Healing Springs Animal Hospital.

Camelid Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Jenkins has done considerable post-graduate work in camelid medicine (llamas and alpacas). She is also one of the work-trip leaders for the Nuñoa Project. High in the mountains of Peru's Nuñoa region, she volunteers to do vet work and provide herd management lectures for farmers. There, she also teaches American veterinary students about camelid medicine. The Nuñoa Project research stations are also gathering information to refine protocols for the care of pregnant and newborn camelid.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Dr. Jenkins is certified with the United States Department of Agriculture as a wildlife rehabilitator with a specialty in turtles. Law prohibits wildlife rehabilitation from taking place as a paid veterinary service. In her personal time, Heather takes turtles that have been hit by cars or suffering other maladies, rehabilitates them, and returns them to their natural habitat.

Areas of Practice

Heather's favorite areas of veterinary practice are internal medicine, diagnostics, chemotherapy, acupuncture, alpacas, and llamas.

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