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Animal Assisted Crisis Response

Providing Comfort Dog Support After Crises and Disasters

Contact us about any matter in the United States. We'll get you to the right person in Animal Assisted Crisis Response.

A HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response Team

Healing Springs Animal Hospital is an active participant in and supporter of HOPE AACR - in support, training, and responding to call outs. Since 2001, HOPE AACR teams have responded to the aftermath of crises and disasters, from individual traumas to large scale emergencies. Under HOPE AACR, Healing Springs has sent volunteers to respond to the Virginia Tech school shooting, the Navy Yard shooting, the Chaplain Towers condominium collapse in Florida, and other crises and disasters. HOPE AACR response teams have comforted people after school shootings, hurricanes, fires, transportation accidents, the loss of first responders, and more. Teams have worked with local and national response agencies, such as VOADs, FEMA, NOVA, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, as well as fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and schools.

Call Outs

Request Crisis Teams Toll-Free
877-HOPE-K9s / (877-467-3597)
HOPE AACR Teams Respond Without Charge

Volunteer for HOPE AACR

HOPE AACR only accepts dog/handler teams that are first certified with a therapy dog group. HOPE AACR training builds on the skills of usual therapy dog work. If you have a dog who is already a member of an animal-assisted activity group, please consider training to be an animal-assisted crisis response team as well. Volunteers who do not currently have a dog suited for AACR work can volunteer as team leaders, who facilitate response activities.

Donate to HOPE AACR

Donations directly to HOPE help to defray the costs associated with training and certifying crisis teams, develop training programs and materials, pay the costs of insuring and supporting our teams, and otherwise support volunteer activity.

To contact Healing Springs directly about comfort dog work / animal-assisted crisis response:

Corporate Citizenship at Healing Springs Animal Hospital

Our compassion for our neighbors and for animals affects every part of our lives. Here is just some of the charitable and volunteer work that we do. Your patronage of Healing Springs Animal Hospital supports all our efforts. Thank you.

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Open Fridays and Saturdays. Open late Tuesdays and Thursdays. Accepting after hours calls for current cases and established patients that are up-to-date on their vaccines.

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Surgical Safety & Comfort

Healing Springs Animal Hospital practices the utmost in surgical safety and comfort including endoscopy, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, master's level orthopedic surgery, ovariectomy spays, mechanical ventilation, heated surgery table covers, monitored anesthesia recovery, and more.

Grayson / Carroll Veterinary Clinic that does Blood Pressure Measurements

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

A fast and accurate diagnosis is the first step to effective veterinary care. Healing Springs offers extensive, on-site diagnostic capabilities. These include endoscopy, digital x-ray, echocardiograms, complete abdominal ultrasounds, LaserCyte blood chemistry, urinalysis, eye tonometer, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and more. When it counts, trust Healing Springs.

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Download our smart phone app to access/update your pet records on demand, make appointments 24/7, and more. Control your reminder preferences: phone, text, and/or email.

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