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Lap Spays in Southwest Virgninia, Galax, Hillsville, Independence

Minimally Invasive Spays

Laparoscopic Ovariectomies / Lap Spays

Healing Springs Animal Hospital is the first and only vet in the region offering spays performed by endoscopy. This minimally invasive procedure is shown to reduce pain by 65% compared to a traditional spay.* Using a tiny camera and the most modern surgical equipment, we can work through one incision that is 6% of the normal size, and we cause far less disruption internally. Please ask one of our vets about this option during one of your puppy visits.

Lap spay in Galax, VA - Southwest Virginia

About the Traditional Spay

A traditional dog spay surgery requires an incision that is 2" to 4" long. The surgeon tears the ovarian ligament from the abdominal wall and removes both the ovaries and the uterus. Even when performed perfectly, the traditional spay procedure is serious enough and leaves enough potential for surgical complications, that any responsible veterinarian will keep the dog overnight for medication and observation.

About the Laparoscopic Spay

Compare this to our minimally invasive spay (the laparoscopic ovariectomy). We create an incision that is only 0.19" long. Through this incision, we can insert a tiny camera and tiny instruments including a high frequency cautery device. We carefully and precisely cauterize the ovarian ligaments rather than tearing them from their attachment. We are able to remove the ovaries while leaving the uterus intact. This avoids the potential for certain surgical complications and proves far less traumatic internally. Dogs spayed using the endoscopic, minimally invasive technique recover faster and can be responsibly discharged the same day. Spays can now be an outpatient procedure.

We See More

The endoscopic equipment magnifies the organs on the monitor, so laparoscopic spays allow for better visualization of the internal organs.


Gastropexy is a surgery that prevents the common problem of bloat in large dogs. With the laparoscopic spay, we can perform the gastropexy at the same time as the spay.


Endoscopic equipment represents a significant financial investment in modern procedures, requires additional training for the surgeons, has a higher supplies cost due to the cautering device, and requires additional time for staff to maintain and sterilize the equipment. For these reasons, the laparoscopic spay costs more than the traditional spay. Many households will continue to choose an open spay for budget reasons. Fortunately, Healing Springs also offers ovariectomy spays, which also reduce surgical disruption for pets, but that do not cost more than a traditional spay. Healing Springs offers the laparoscopic spay, traditional spay, and the ovariectomy, performed with very conscientious safety procedures.


*Devitt, Chad, DVM, MS, DACVS. Duration, complication, stress and pain of open ovariohysterectomy versus a simple method of laparoscopic-assisted ovariohysterectomy in dogs. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 2005; 227 (6).

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