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Stables | Large Animal & Horse Boarding

Pasture and Stall Boarding in Galax, VA

Stables for large animal - horse boarding at Healing Springs Animal Hospital in Galax, VA
Stables for large animal and horse boarding with pasture boarding in Galax, VA

Horse and Large Animal Boarding

Short & Long Term. Stall or Pasture.

by Healing Springs Animal Hospital at Brazzell Stables

Required: negative coggins less than 12 months old. Encouraged: Rhino / flu vaccine.

Pasture Boarding in Galax, VA

$10 per day / $150 per month.

Short term boarders will have their own paddock and will have to provide their own hay and grain if needed. Long-term boards must get along with horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, and alpacas.

Stables / Stall Boarding in Galax, VA

$25 per night.

You will have to provide your own shavings, buckets for feed and water, grain and hay. A wheelbarrow and manure fork will be provided to clean the stalls. Shavings are available at $7.00 per bag or going market rate. You will have to set up the stall on arrival and strip the stall on departure. You are responsible for cleaning the stalls daily while boarding.

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Healing Springs Animal Hospital practices the utmost in surgical safety and comfort including endoscopy, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, master's level orthopedic surgery, ovariectomy spays, mechanical ventilation, heated surgery table covers, monitored anesthesia recovery, and more.

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