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Llama & Alpaca Veterinarian

Serving Southwest Virginia and Northwest North Carolina

Veterinarian Heather Jenkins Brazzell, DVM, CVA at Healing Springs Animal Hospital in Galax, VA - Southwest Virginia

Healing Springs provides a full range of large animal veterinarian services for llamas & alpacas. This includes wellness, reproduction, injury care, and sick care. We can visit your farm by appointment in our fully equipped mobile veterinarian SUV, you can visit our clinic, and/or we can board your llamas and alpacas while receiving treatment.

Camelid medicine is a particular passion of Dr. Heather Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins has owned llamas, currently owns ten alpacas, and has served as the primary veterinarian for multiple llama and alpaca farms, and has completed significant post graduate work in camelid medicine. She is also one of the work-trip leaders for the Nuñoa Project. High in the mountains of Peru's Nuñoa region, she volunteers to do vet work and provide herd management lectures for farmers. There, she also teaches American veterinary students about camelid medicine. The Nuñoa Project research stations are also gathering information to refine protocols for the care of pregnant and newborn camelid. Each year, Dr. Jenkins works with more alpacas than most American vets see in a lifetime.

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Llama / Alpaca Veterinarian Service Area

Healing Springs' camelid medicine (a.k.a. llama vet and alpaca vet work) is in Southwest Virginia and Northwest North Carolina. This includes Galax, VA; Hillsville, VA; Independence, VA; Wytheville, VA; Sparta, NC; Mt Airy, NC; Jefferson, NC; and more.

Llama veterinarian - alpaca veterinarian service area in Southwest Virginia and Northwest North Carolina.

Healing Springs Animal Hospital Galax VA

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