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Healing Springs Animal Hospital

Treating Pets Like Family Since 1979

Welcome. Thank you for visiting the website of Healing Springs Animal Hospital. We are a locally owned, doctor-managed veterinary clinic in Galax, VA. At Healing Springs, we focus on state-of-the-art veterinary care at the most affordable prices possible, delivered with neighborly service. If you are not currently a client of Healing Springs, we very much hope that you will spend a few minutes with this site and consider letting us help with the health of your precious four-legged family members. Please also consider signing up for our email newsletters and "liking" our Facebook page.

Healing Springs Animal Hospital Galax VA

Convenient Hours

Open seven days per week. Open late Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Veterinary Surgery Galax Independence Hillsville

Surgical Safety & Comfort

Healing Springs Animal Hospital practices the utmost in surgical safety and comfort including endoscopy, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, master's level orthopedic surgery, ovariectomy spays, mechanical ventilation, heated surgery table covers, monitored anesthesia recovery, and more.

Grayson / Carroll Veterinary Clinic that does Blood Pressure Measurements

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

A fast and accurate diagnosis is the first step to effective veterinary care. Healing Springs offers extensive, on-site diagnostic capabilities. These include endoscopy, digital x-ray, echocardiograms, complete abdominal ultrasounds, LaserCyte blood chemistry, urinalysis, eye tonometer, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and more. When it counts, trust Healing Springs.

Free Veterinary Pet-Records App

Free Pet-Records Phone App

Download our smart phone app to access/update your pet records on demand, make appointments 24/7, and more. Control your reminder preferences: phone, text, and/or email.

Ovariectomy Spays in Southwest VA and Northwest North Carolina

Three Ways to Spay

Did you know there are three types of spays? At Healing Springs Animal Hospital, the better type costs the same as the old-fashioned spay. What's more, we are the only vet clinic in the region offering the better and best types of spays (ovariectomies and endoscopic spays). Help your pet avoid unnecessary surgical disruption, pain, and recovery time.

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Online Pharmacy & Pet Store

With the Healing Springs Online Store, anyone can get low prices on popular prescriptions, flea and tick control, the best pet food, and other products we know and trust. We have teamed up with Midwest Veterinary Supply to make sure the shipments direct to your home are fast and reliable. Competitive prices. Automatic scheduled refills. Products approved by Dr. Jenkins. The convenience of on-line shopping from a local veterinarian you trust.

Cryosurgery for Pets

A safer and less expensive way to remove growths such as warts, cysts, benign tumors, etc. - especially in sensitive areas. Some surgeries that others refer to specialty hospitals can now be performed as outpatient procedures at Healing Springs.

Electrosurgery for Pets

Less blood loss. Faster procedures. Faster recoveries. A mark of quality. High-current energy causes the tissues in the target area to excite and fuse, instantly forming a natural, permanent seal. Our electrosurgery tool can seal blood vessels in two to four seconds, and the seals hold better than sutured vessels. In many procedures, Healing Springs uses electrosurgery to improve your pet's quality of care at no extra charge.

Masters-level Orthopedic Surgery

Luis Gonzalez, DVM, MS, who has served as faculty and surgery resident at Virginia Tech, is available at Healing Springs Animal Hospital by appointment. With a post-doctoral Master’s in Surgery and multiple internships, Dr. Gonzalez brings to Healing Springs a surgery skill level on par with what you would get when we refer you to specialty hospitals and referral centers. Have your pet’s complex surgeries performed at Healing Springs to receive a referral-center skill level with the convenience and cost savings of local follow-up care. When it counts, trust Healing Springs.

Laparoscopic spay in Southwest Virginia

Lap Spays

Healing Springs is the first and only veterinary clinic in the region to offer lap spays. Laparoscopic spays are performed through a tiny hole using specialized equipment. The procedures prove much less painful for your pet, and recovery goes faster.

Certified Veterinary Acupuncture

Did you know that veterinary acupuncture for pain control is comparable to major opioid drugs with none of the side effects? Healing Springs provides Certified Veterinary Acupuncture. We find it very helpful for other cases such as chronic back pain in pets, severe arthritis, pets that can't walk due to neurological conditions, and much more.

Abdominal Ultrasound

Many pet owners must travel to a referral center for this, but abdominal ultrasound is available at Healing Springs Animal Hospital in Galax, by appointment. This non-invasive imaging can reliably detect abnormalities of the stomach, kidneys, spleen, adrenal glands, etc. Even though our doctor performing these ultrasounds is highly experienced, our rates prove much more affordable than most alternatives, making a fast and accurate diagnosis more readily available for our clients.

No Power? No Problem

Healing Springs uses a 20KW generator that powers up automatically in the event of a power outage. If one of Appalachian Power’s transformers blows out while we’re in surgery with your pet, no worries. Even if power goes out for the whole region again, your pets who are boarding at Healing Springs will be sitting pretty in air conditioning.

Equipped to Diagnose Glaucoma

Healing Springs has the ability to definitively diagnose glaucoma using a device called a tonometer. Glaucoma is a highly painful condition for pets caused by increased pressure / increased fluid in an eye. It's hard for pet owners and for most veterinarians to detect.

Veterinary Echocardiograms in Grayson County, Carroll County, Galax, VA

Veterinary Echocardiograms

Echocardiograms are the gold standard for diagnosing most heart diseases such as congestive heart failure, tumors, congenital abnormalities, etc. They can save families money in the long run by preventing unnecessary, long-term treatment rising out of less accurate diagnostics. More importantly, echocardiograms can refine the diagnosis and make treatment more effective for your furry family members.

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